About Your Host / Guide

Steve Smith has been a full time professional angling guide since 1976. Steve has guided anglers for Trout, Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Walleye, and Bass. Steve has guided in Oregon, Washington and Western Montana. When he is not guiding anglers or fishing for his own pleasure, Steve can be found working on fish habitat conservation projects or monitoring the actions of the legislature, agencies and groups whose actions could negatively impact sport fisheries. The award winning weekly “Northwest Sport Fishing Report ” TV Show was produced and hosted by SteveĀ  from 1985-2000. Through his local area knowledge and association with guides throughout the Northwest Steve is able to pinpoint the best angling opportunities in the Western US for his guests and keep the public informed about threats to fish and fish habitat. On his days off Steve can most often be found with Fly or Drift Rod in hand looking for that ” next “fish. By being constantly on the rivers of the Northwest Steve is uniquely experienced and qualified to put you in touch with some of the worlds best game fish. Steve is intense in his pursuit of game fish and totally committed to his guests success and pleasure. He derives great satisfaction from teaching people how to fish, and in sharing his best fishing waters.” Experience the Difference ” is much more than just a slogan. Steve has been on a mission since he was a young boy. His Mission in life has been to sort the biters from the non biters and protect the Habitats that provide us a great places to find peace and enchantment. When weather & water conditions force Steve to his workbench to craft the flies you will be fishing with it is with great pleasure that each is created. Steve knows the pleasure these proven fly patterns will cause his guests when they feel the power of the west’s best game fish. Your safety is Steve’s primary concern. A graduate of the US Army Medical Training Corp. insures you of excellent immediate treatment skills.

It Boils down to this………..

Do you want to hire a fulltime professional guide who fishes on his days off or a part timer. The industry is filled with unqualified guides. Firemen, Teachers and Students are not by definition professional guides. Beware when hiring a guide who says he has X number of years experience. Is that experience as a Full Time Professional or was that time taking the kids fishing ?