The Fist

Redband Rainbow Trout

Fly Fishing Only

Year -round fishing if conditions permit. Fishing the Deschutes since 1957,it holds no secrets, but continues to amaze us with it’s “willing to bite” fish. Having fished and Guided many of the fabled (and no so fabled) streams of Western North America I can safely state the Deschutes is the most consistent producer in North America. Trout average 12″-16″and 18″-20″s are common. Expect 20-30 fish days. Hope for 50 and don’t be seen around camp until dark if you want more.1-5 Day Drift Boat or Jet Boat trips. All angling is done while wading.

Lake Fly Fishing

Easy productive trips in Magnificent Country close to Portland. No casting experience needed. Public and Private Waters. We have angling rights on several local ponds and lakes in the region.

Steelhead Trout  – Deschutes * Rogue * John Day * Other Selected Rivers

The premier NW Game Fish. Originally named “Ironhead Trout” buy Meriweather Lewis in 1805, because they fought so hard and were difficult to kill. Fly and Spin Anglers welcome. Your first hookup will never be forgotten. These fish are known to be DANGEROUS to long term relationships, partnerships and financial stability.” Steelhead Fever ” is highly infectious and only cured by another trip to the River. I have required the release of all Wild Steelhead since 1970. Now it is required by law. We know which river to put you on and how to catch them. Years of Experience insure you the best chance of catching these huge Trout. During July-March multiple hookup days are the rule. Call for the latest honest information. Late Summer and Fall we offer very productive trips on the Columbia and tributaries. This is the time to catch aggressive Steelhead, headed to the interior. Most of these fish are “hatchery Keepers”. Follow me to the best angling. As the Fish move upriver we must follow.


You must be flexible and follow me to the best Streams and Bays. 2002 looks to be the 2nd Best Spring Chinook run in nearly 30 years. Reserve your date now ! The Fall Run on the Columbia is expected to be excellent. Fishery Managers expect one million Fall Salmon. Fly Fishing for Fall Salmon can be extremely successful.

Great White Sturgeon

The largest of all freshwater North American Game Fish. Very abundant. Excellent Eating and a easy to catch with Steve. Trips in the Scenic Columbia River Gorge and other locations. TROPHY catch and release angling for 6′-12′ Sturgeon is best April-August. Excellent success rate. ” Sporty ” Tackle provided.

Walleye / Perch

Easy to catch if you know the fishes habits. We are one of the regions oldest active Walleye Guide Services.


John Day Columbia Willamette Other Selected Waters
Hard Fighting, aggressive and abundant. Great family trip. We hold one of the oldest John Day River Outfitter Permits and consider it our home water for Bass.  Gear or fly fish with light tackle. The John Day is a world class fishery in a remote wilderness setting. Great Scenery and Wildlife.