Camping with an overnight stay is a great idea to spend time with pleasure surrounded by wildlife. It does not matter with a large company you or with your family. The main thing is that the city bustle remained behind the aisles of the forest. So, before you is a difficult task – to plan a hike correctly, to take with you everything you need for safety and comfort in the forest. It would help if you always were prepared for anything that may happen to you among the wildlife. Therefore, the list of necessary things needs to be thought out in detail to be ready for any emergency. Safety is undoubtedly good, but what interesting can you do when an incredible number of stars are burning overhead and a fire is burning before your eyes? Here you can come up with whatever the soul desires. There are many options for activities that will be interesting for both adults and children, and remember about your safety and your company. To make things easier for you, read our article and get tips to help you stay safe in the woods and have fun with the company.

Tips for Staying Safe When Camping at Night

So, the first tip may be pretty obvious, but a sleeping bag is an excellent option, so you don’t freeze in the woods. It is unlikely that the air temperature will be high at night, so a sleeping bag is an excellent option for a comfortable sleep in the forest. Be sure to take medications and sprays for insects and allergic reactions, as well as a set of things for emergencies: waterproof matches, a sharp knife, a charged battery, gauze, and bandages. If the weather outside is cool enough, bring a heat-resistant water bottle. It can be used as a way to warm up, putting it under your feet or in any other place, as well as to drink warm tea.

If you can’t sleep without a pillow, don’t forget about it. Now you can easily find a small pillow for camping in stores. This will make your sleep much more comfortable. Another of the tips is don’t forget to stick to your usual sleep schedule to feel better and more alert. To further improve your sleeping comfort, don’t forget about the mask and earplugs. After all, the morning light can penetrate the tent, and the sounds of nature can be pretty noisy.

Things to Do While Camping at Night

Indeed all tourists during camping have a question, what can be done with the company despite the age and interests? Of course, someone prefers more active recreation, and someone likes to sit around the fire, but there is a considerable amount of entertainment for any category of tourists.

The most popular activity is to tell funny stories around the fire. It would be fascinating to listen to the strangest and funniest situations in everyone’s life. It will be pretty fun, even just sitting around the fire. Don’t’ forget, you need to build a fire away from tents, shoes, and clothes, and before bedtime, it should be extinguished. Also, near the fire, you can sing your favorite hiking songs, and do not forget about marshmallows with chocolate. Look at the stars. Admire their incredible beauty. You can also see constellations in them. This will give a cozy and warm atmosphere to your evening gatherings.

Lovers of outdoor activities are perfect night walk through the forest, which will give you to listen to the sounds of nocturnal animals and a light evening wind. And to make the walk more interesting, you can play hide and seek. You can use a flashlight as an option, but if your eyes get used to it in the dark, you can do without it. Hide and seek is more fun and safer to play in teams. So the probability of getting lost will be less, and finding shelter for the company will be more exciting and funnier. In the forest, you can find a considerable number of birds of prey, especially at night. Of course, they will be afraid of the light of a flashlight, so it is worth taking a night vision device with you. So you can examine the bird in detail while it is in a calm state.

So, if you go hiking, you should remember and follow the camping rules, for example, do not disturb the quiet hour, respect each tourist, and do not interfere with their rest. Remember your safety and your comrades. Take care of your health and take with you everything you need for a safe night at the campsite. If you follow all the rules and tips, we guarantee you a fantastic campsite surrounded by the wildlife of the night forest.

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