Are you going camping? It’s a great idea to have fun with family or friends. Probably, nothing can spoil your mood except for a pillow forgotten at home. When it comes time to pack up, there’s always something you can ignore. Especially if children go on a hike with you, note to antiallergenic ointments and antibiotics because children are often allergic. But to prevent such a situation, you should read our checklist on the most necessary things for camping and stay calm, knowing that you will not forget anything.

Camping Checklist

So, to make it easier to collect things, they can be divided into categories: safety and comfort, kitchen utensils, cleanliness and health, documents.

Let’s start with the first category – safety and comfort. It contains all the basic things, without which you probably will not be able to spend a single night in the forest. So, the first is a sleeping bag and a pillow. It is also better to take a dense material that can be placed on the bottom of the tent. Anything can happen in the forest, so you need to be prepared for anything. A charged flashlight and a spare battery are the most necessary things to keep in touch with everyone. It may happen that your shelter will break due to strong gusts of wind or because of any other situation, so be sure to take a hammer, pegs, and a puller for insurance. Repair and sewing kit tent, duct tape will help you provide quick assistance in case of damage. Do not forget to think about how you will set fire to the heating pad during strong winds. A windscreen is an essential thing that will make sure that the heating pad does not go out. You need to close it with a screen and forget about this problem. Waterproof warm clothes will come in handy during bad weather conditions: boots, jacket, and pants. But if the sun is going to bake heavily, smear with sunscreen and put on sunscreen. Probably, if the weather is beautiful, you will also want to gather the whole company for dinner or sit to chat with everyone, then grab a table and chairs. Otherwise, everything will have to be done standing.

Of course, no one will forget for food and drinks, but to forget for matches is straightforward. Therefore, in the list of kitchen utensils, you can find everything to the smallest detail. So, eating will probably be uncomfortable without plates, bowls, and mugs, forks, and spoons, so do not forget about them. You can buy gas for the stove or coal for barbecue in advance or find it already on the spot if possible. A kettle, matches, or lighter is needed to drink tea and keep warm. And don’t forget about garbage bags, dishwashers and sponges, rags, and wipes to stay clean at all times. Do not forget about the safety rules of making a fire in the forest, and be sure to collect garbage after yourself.

Even while in the forest, it is essential to take care of your health. If you have any chronic diseases, do not forget medications for them, and be sure to take a first aid kit. Keep your hands clean by using an antiseptic or soap before eating. For primary care, take a towel, brush, and toothpaste, as well as shampoo and conditioner.

If you have booked a place in the tour camp, you will have to present your ticket about the reservation. Take all the necessary insurance with you and have with you the contact numbers of your doctors.

Using our checklist, you can quickly get ready to camp and not worry that you will forget something. While on a hike, do not forget the rules of cleanliness and kindling a fire because non-compliance can lead to global problems. Perhaps we have made it easier for you to collect things and hope to get maximum pleasure from camping.

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