Imagine the situation that you went to a campsite surrounded by good company and are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It would seem that nothing can spoil this great hike. But when it’s time to set up a tent, you notice its broken pillar. Every tourist prefers a comfortable stay on a walk, even because they are surrounded by wildlife. Of course, this situation will upset the tourist and immediately raise the question: «How to spend the night at the campsite? ». It may happen that due to gusts of wind, due to inattention, its details can split or break. Also, if stored incorrectly, it can deteriorate. For example, when using a tent under the bottom, you can put some dense material not to damage it with stones, branches, or cones. So, you need to subordinate the part or replace it urgently. When going on a hike, you should remember that you should bring a hacksaw, duct tape, and a spare short tube, which often comes with a tent. Camping without a tent will be canceled, but don’t be upset. You need to read our list of detailed guide steps to subdue the tent’s support and again return to rest in the forest.

Steps to Repair a Broken Tent Pole

We will consider all the steps of fixing a broken pillar, and the main thing you should have with you is replacing the wrist that you could have in the tent set. Its diameter is exactly suitable for a broken pole. Unfortunately, if the pole is fiberglass, it is almost impossible to repair it in the forest; you will have to contact the appropriate store, where they can correct this pillar.

So, the first step is to inspect the pillar and the presence of cracks carefully. If there are no cracks, it will be easier for you to measure a broken fragment. Do everything carefully and slowly because one sharp movement can further aggravate the situation. Next, you need to straighten the pole so that the hinge can easily rely on it. When the pillar is aligned, you can take the backlog.

The second step is that you will need duct tape to secure the honey materials with yourself. Do not forget about accuracy. So, take a pole and put a bushing on it so that the floor is in the middle of the bushing. Next, you need to fix it with duct tape; it can also be replaced with video or other durable material. Insulating duct tape should fit snugly to the parts and prevent them from moving. Then, wrap the stub on both sides and check the density of the winding. If you did everything right, then the pillar can serve you another campsite, but if possible, immediately replace it with a new one.

But what if you don’t have a bushing with you? You may ask how, but it’s pretty simple. Even here, you can fix the situation thanks to the pegs for the tent. You also need to carefully align the bent post and apply a stake near the damage precisely in the middle. You can also fix it with insulating tape tightly wrapping on both sides. You can use both the first and second examples as an option, but the first one is more suitable for a more durable fixation.

It would help if you always remembered that your careless attitude towards the tent could easily damage it. Therefore, follow the rules of storage of the tent and do not forget that it must be dried after the rain. Otherwise, it will be covered with mold. If you suddenly notice a crack or bend on the pillar of the tent, immediately remember the steps of the actions of its restoration, and be sure to take with you on a hike a wrist from a set of tents or pegs and duct tape. It won’t take up much space in your backpack, but even if the tent pole breaks, you definitely won’t be left without a place to sleep.

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